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모든 웹사이트에는 스토리가 있으며 방문자는 귀하의 스토리를 듣고 싶어합니다. 이 공간은 귀하가 누구인지, 귀하의 팀이 하는 일, 귀하의 사이트에서 제공해야 하는 사항에 대한 완전한 배경 지식을 제공할 수 있는 좋은 기회입니다. 텍스트 상자를 두 번 클릭하여 콘텐츠 편집을 시작하고 사이트 방문자에게 알리고 싶은 모든 관련 세부 정보를 추가해야 합니다.



Name: Miyoung Park

Language(s): Korean, Mandarin, & English 

Country of Origin: Korea 

Arrived in Canada: 2018

Occupation: Through LIP, Miyoung was hired at an immigration serving organization

Goal: Miyoung wants newcomers to have the same positive experience that she had when she moved to Canada



Name: Kamelia

Language(s): Farsi & English

Country of Origin: Iran

Arrived in Canada: 2020

Occupation: NA, but has a Bachelor’s of Science in Software Engineering

Goal: Kamelia’s vision for Maple Ridge is to make it more vibrant, inclusive and an attractive place to live

팀을 만나다

우리의 이야기

Leila's photo.JPG



Name: Calena Rodriguez

Language(s): Spanish & English 

Country of Origin: El Salvador 

Arrived in Canada: 2017

Occupation: Before arriving to Canada, Calena obtained a Master’s degree in Finance and worked as a Cost Analyst in a well-known multinational company

Goal: Calena is motivated by the idea of collaborating with Newcomers and making their onboarding process lighter

Name: Leila

Language(s): Farsi & English 

Country of Origin: Iran

Arrived in Canada: 2021

Occupation: Lawyer in my country of origin

Goal: I want new immigrants to find Canada as their own country as soon as possible.

To all the members of committee who continued their successful career in Canada. We will be forever grateful for your time, dedication and hard work! 

special thanks


Rita           EX- Chair

Name: Rita

Language(s): Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew & English

Country of Origin: Ukraine/Israel

Arrived in Canada: 2018

Occupation: Rita is a Yoga teacher, and has a Bachelor’s in Politics and Government as well as in Social Work

Goal: Rita hopes to help create a welcoming, comfortable and accessible city for Newcomers to feel a sense of belonging



Name: Saloni

Language(s): Hindi, Gujurati, Mewadi, & English 

Country of Origin: India

Arrived in Canada: 2020

Occupation: Saloni has done a digital marketing course from BCIT, and has started a company called the Thumbprints which promotes rural Indian handcrafts and paintings

Goal: Saloni strives to build community connections and share experiences through volunteering at the Maple Ridge Advisory Committee

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